How You Can Help

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How You Can Help

Post by krizmn » Tue Jul 02, 2019 1:49 pm

1. Spread the word #Unraveled. While working on the site we are also setting up all the social media accounts. If you have any knitting friends, invite them to join the community. This is by far the most important thing anyone can do for us for now.

2. Donations Unraveled and I are not money driven people. We are actually minimalists in real life. But we understand there will be some costs involved with the site and its growth. has already received $115 total through 2 donations. We plan to be 100% transparent with every transaction coming in and going out. What makes this unique, is that it allows the community to watch our process and learn from this project and its success and failures. All of the money will go to the site and events(future). If in the events that we do not succeed, we will pass the torch to someone else.

3. Forums Post when you can. Check back when you can. In time we will need moderators. Not to police speech, but to make sure no one posts anything illegal. When the site grows, there is always the chance of unsavory actors who may wish to target us. Once we spend some time with everyone and get to know them, we will be able to make decisions on moderators.

4. Smile This is by the far the most important one. I know a lot of you are emotional over what has happened on Ravelry. It is easy to fill your hearts with anger, rage, and disgust. Just smile. We will push forward. My wife has shown me that the knitting/crocheting environment was something more than how the outside world perceives it. I have only scratched the surface, but it's intriguing and inspiring.

Thank you everyone.