"Blood clots" side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine true?

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"Blood clots" side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine true?

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COVID-19 situation That is currently spreading a new wave Continues to spread and become violent People with chronic diseases need to be careful. Especially patients with heart xo168 disease At the risk of death increases if infected Because the heart muscle worsens, heart failure may occur. COVID-19 vaccination Is therefore important To help reduce the severity of the disease And increase the chances of survival in the patient

Sinovac from China is a vaccine made from inanimate (deadly) virus.
AstraZeneca / Oxford Adenovirus vaccine is a human non-pathogenic virus. Into cells to produce immunity against COVID-19
Russia's Sputnik V is a vaccine made with viral vector technology, just like the AstraZeneca vaccine, it uses another virus to carry the genetic material of the COVID-19 virus. Into the body to build immunity
mRNA from Pfizer, a vaccine that uses a new technique, mRNA, by injecting a molecule called mRNA.
ChulaVac is a vaccine made in Thailand using the same mRNA technique as Pfizer or Moderna.
Siam Bioscience A Thai company that produces a replica of the same production vaccine as the technique of AstraZeneca / Oxford
There is a lot of talk now about the side effects of COVID-19 vaccine. In fact, there are very few side effects. And most of them have mild symptoms If weighed, the benefits of getting the COVID-19 vaccine. Are many times more than Because if vaccinated how quickly to develop group immunity Everyone will be able to return to a normal life the sooner.

"Blood clots" side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine true?
For side effects from the COVID-19 vaccine Made in a foreign country Which many people are quite concerned about is thromboembolism The occurrence of blood clots in the blood vessels, whether it is a vein in the brain. Leg veins Or cause those blood clots to come off and clog the pulmonary veins. This condition occurs because there is an immune response to platelets in our body. It lowers the platelet count and stimulates the formation of a blood coagulation system in the body.

But it is not the only condition that occurs after the COVID-19 vaccine. It is medically considered a complication of treatment for cardiovascular disease. At this time, some countries have stopped it. This type of COVID-19 vaccine has been used to further study its side effects. Cerebrovascular disease-like conditions reported in people who received the COVID-19 vaccine in Thailand are also transient and non-serious, causing disability. And can be cured from those conditions Still need to continue to follow up

To prevent COVID-19 outbreaks, at least 60% to 70% of the population is vaccinated. To close the cycle of the epidemic causing mass immunity Vaccination against COVID-19 It is therefore imperative that the injection should be given to anyone who has no injection contraindications. In particular, chronic patients are at high risk and fatal if infected with COVID-19, such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity, lung disease and respiratory disease. Chronic kidney disease High blood pressure High blood fat, etc.

Who cannot get the COVID-19 vaccine?
For people whose vaccination is contraindicated, they are those who have had a severe allergic reaction from the first time a COVID-19 vaccine or are allergic to any component of the vaccine. People with acute illness and their symptoms remain unstable. People with chronic diseases and present symptoms such as heart disease, certain neurological diseases, etc., those under the age of 18, those with impaired immune system, etc. (Additional announcement from the Ministry of Public Health) In addition, each vaccine may not. It is suitable for everyone, so it is important to select the appropriate vaccine to prevent side effects.

Stopping the severity of the disease is important. Stopping the virus mutation Because mutations can lead to immunization and the vaccine is ineffective, therefore, preparation and accelerated vaccination in people who should be vaccinated Avoid vaccination in people who are contraindicated for injection. Will inevitably lead to success in disease prevention And the hope of the people to return to their normal life will not be far away.

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