Get to know how to lose weight using the DASH Diet that has clearly seen results for 2 months.

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Get to know how to lose weight using the DASH Diet that has clearly seen results for 2 months.

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Want to lose weight within 2 months, women may need to rely on discipline in both exercise and control over how much they eat. But if one does not want to be tired of hard exercise But want to lose weight and For good health, we recommend using the DASH Diet method. Let's see how to lose weight with this formula.

What is the DASH Diet?

The DASH Diet or Blood Pressure Method to Stop Hypertension is a weight loss formula specifically by Marla Heller, a foreign scientist, a weight loss disorder used to lower blood pressure in hypertensive patients. To lose weight and to reduce the risk In cancer, this system can also lose weight for other things.

How to eat the DASH food in each phase.

Eating food to lose weight with DASH Diet formula is divided into two ways to eat together.

Phase 1 resets your metabolism.

This is the first 2 weeks of using this formula to lose weight, it is the process of rebuilding your body's fat burning system, which includes weight loss. For example, the three foods eaten each day consist of food. 3 layers

Food 1: High-checked and regulated เกมยิงปลาได้เงินจริง foods such as lean beef and pork, fish and poultry, small nest or grass products, small wooden boxes, eggs or low-sugar yogurt. Around one small cup

Line 2: Foods that are rich in omega-3 stars and don't be afraid that someone is good for your heart, eating this type regularly can help you to reduce obesity in heart disease, and this type of girl is rich. In vegetable oils, essential oils and avocados

Diet 3: Highly reviewed and mature foods, such as monitors and unsalted eggs, high-fat fish such as mackerel or shortbread.

Phase 2, lose weight forever

This is a period that should be continued before Reset Your Metabolism, but it is important to eat at your health as well, if you are fine or not, you can start the period of weight loss forever by eating. But slots and eat unlimited quantities of vegetables, including this period, are allowed to eat no more than 3 cubic cubes of brown rice and 3 pieces of whole wheat or 1 smoked brown rice and eat 2 fresh fruit. 2 slices or a glass of fruit juice, but eat it only in the morning.During this time, the weight continues to drop.Girls can continue to do so, anxiety is at a critical level that should be cleansed to increase the heat. I will be the best.

It can be seen that losing weight with the DASH Diet formula is interesting in that it can eat a variety of foods, just need to be careful, choose and control the amount you eat well as well as the tips to make weight loss with this formula. The obvious result is adding a little snack during diet training to keep your blood sugar stable and not very hungry, to drink too much water, to avoid coffee and to go to bed early to keep your body energized.

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